About us

In a lodge-retreat atmosphere in the heart of Portage, guests will find Fieldstone Grill. The true fieldstone fireplace is made of stones from Principal Partner Ken Miller's property. The 30-foot tall fieldstone & mortar fireplace came to be when architect Michael Dunn presented us with a rendering of the north wall. We didn't yet have a name for Millennium Restaurant Group's third original concept, but as soon as we saw this drawing we were inspired and a name for our new business was born. Luckily, we has a source for the fieldstone. Ken uncovered and compiled a massive amount of fieldstones when he excavated is property in preparation for building his home. Local masons, Bonnema & Sons, took 30 days to create the centerpiece. Each stone had to be hand-selected and placed. They could only build one layer at a time as the mortar needed to harden and set between each layer so that the structure would not collapse under its own weight. It truly was a fete.

Another great feature of the Fieldstone Grill is the view... which overlooks the federally protected, natural wetlands of the Moors Golf Club.  Depending on the time of year, the marsh takes on different hues.  The summer is lush and green.  By fall the colors change to amber and rust.  The ground hardens and you will see deer and other wildlife walking across when at other times they would sink...  Winter takes on silvery blues, browns and grey.  Cardinals love the trees surrounding the wetland and by spring, the marsh is waking up along with the wildlife.  Black squirrels, sandhill cranes, canadian geese and other migratory birds will make their way to the wetlands.  The north wall is comprised entirely of floor to ceiling windows for optimal enjoyment of the view.  The nature theme is even carried into some of the wall covering.  If you look closely at the moss green covered walls, you will see imprints of leaves.  Real leaves were used when making the molds for the paper.  It truly is a beautiful setting. 

The menu is comprised of dishes that emulate this location's 'field-to-plate' mentality. We take reservations but they are not required, walk ins are welcome.  Fieldstone Grill is a neighborhood grill for every occasion. It is perfect during the colder months with the warm and cozy fireplace and scenic views, and during the warmer months with its wonderful patio. The Fieldstone philosophy is to make all of our guests comfortable with our warm friendly service and a quality dining experience with a value. We enjoy celebrating a special night out for a birthday, anniversary, a good grade on a report card, or just because. Many of our staff have been with the Fieldstone Family for years and will entice you to visit us over and over again. So stop in to this wonderful location for an experience you won't want to miss.